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TOPIC: North West Disabled Man Fine For Motorhome Parking

North West Disabled Man Fine For Motorhome Parking 02 Oct 2012 08:06 #167

A DISABLED pensioner has called for a town’s parking officers to show more “common sense” after he was given a £25 parking fine.

Robert Wright, from Walney, was booked on September 21 when an inspector spotted his 22ft motorhome was protruding into a second bay at the car park at Barrow Town Hall.

The 62-year-old, who suffers from severe osteoarthritis in his legs and holds a disability parking permit, stopped in the car park to do his shopping. He said he knew the motorhome was too big for a single space, but thought his vehicle would be less obtrusive tucked away in the car park than out on the street.

He said: “Commonsense has gone out the window. Obviously I was over-extended into the other bay, but the car park was half full and I didn’t think I was doing any harm.

“I’ve parked there before with no problems. If I’d parked on the double yellow lines outside the town hall, they couldn’t have touched me because of the disabled badge.

“But I’ve always thought double yellow lines are there for a reason and that’s to stop you causing an obstruction and if you’re parked there, you are causing an obstruction.”

The Empress Drive resident challenged the fine and even offered to pay for two spaces in future. However, he was told by Barrow Borough Council that this was also not allowed.

“This is the only car we have,” he said. “A lot of people have two cars, but we can’t afford it because we’re pensioners, you see.”

But Barrow Borough Council’s parking manager Caren Hindle said not only was Mr Wright parked wrongly across two bays, but his vehicle was in breach of the car park’s weight restrictions.

“The car park conditions of use are on the entrance of the car park and it does say a vehicle has to be parked wholly within a parking bay and does give the weight restrictions,” she said.

“Within a council car park, we don’t have the facility to have these large vehicles. The only option they would have would be to park in an on-street bay because the road surfaces do allow for heavier vehicles.”

Mr Wright said as a result of the fine he would no longer risk parking his vehicle and doing his shopping in the town centre.

“I don’t think I’ll bother anymore, so the town’s lost out,” he said.

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